E-accessories at Dr. Vapor Warehouse

An electronic cigarette consists of several different parts: the cartridge, the cartomizer, the atomizer, the magnet adaptor, the battery, and the E-liquid. It is the combination of these parts working together that creates a smooth smoking experience that is almost exactly like the real thing.


The cartridge is made of a cigarette sized metal or plastic tube. This piece serves as a mouthpiece and also holds the E-juice. The atomizer is the device that heats the liquid and creates the vapor. The magnet adaptor is a stainless steel component that combines the E-cigs battery with the atomizer. Whatever fits your budget as well as your personality, you can also customize your E-cig and switch out the parts to your heart’s content.


At our vapor store in Orange, CA we carry all the E-cigs supplies you need to get started. We carry only the best products. Call us today or visit our website to get your starter kit at a remarkably low price.





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