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With smoking bans popping up everywhere along with the constant pressure from society to quit, a smoker can feel like an outcast. In the last few years, a product has hit the market that acts as a solution for the health risks of cigarettes and the shrinking number of smoking areas; it is called the Electronic cigarette.


The E-cigarette is a substitute that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. It is a non-flammable, electronic smoking device that emits water vapor to emulate the traditional smoking experience. It has an LED light on the end and is powered by a rechargeable battery and an atomizer cartridge that holds flavored liquid called E-liquid or E-juice. When you inhale, a heating element is turned on by a pressure activated switch and produces a smoke-like vapor. The LED light turns on during each drag to imitate the red ash on a real cigarette.


At our Vapor Shop, we provide virtually everything you’d need for your new starter kit or pro kit. Whatever fits your budget as well as your personality, you can also customize your E-cig and switch out the parts to your heart’s content. Check out our E-accessories available in store and online today!




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